Starters Guide for the 4Ps of The Coffee Quest: People, Product, Price, Planet

Hello Coffee Friend,

The Coffee Quest is continously working on gathering more dynamic information about our network of farmers. Industry standard for specialty coffee includes basic background information on the producer, as well as quality-related variables such as; Altitude, Variety and Processing Methods. All of this is relevant information, but often the context missing to truly understand more. Our aim to is tell complex stories, in a way that everybody understands!

To do so we have chosen 4 categories for storytelling: People, Product, Price and Planet. This will you as a coffee roaster to focus on aspects important in you organization. Each farm, group or washing station will receive their own starting blog post, which we will update each season. This will allow us to link in interesting write-up by our team members around the world. For example: Did you purchase a lot from our Giraldo station in Antioquia? Than you will find a link in the product sheet about how The Coffee Quest Colombia set’s local prices!


Next to the basic background, you can read more about the producers and their families. Discover farmers’ daily routine, their family stories, get to know their struggles, happy moments and proud achievements!



In each producer blog, you will find the Quality Control reports from last season lots. They will include or cupping notes from Cropster. Next to that farmers will tell us about their experiments, processes and new tools they invest in to increase the quality of their coffee. Stay tuned!


To follow our mission, transparency is key. This is why we will also talk about pricing and impact you will have on living income by purchasing  though The Coffee Quest. Let’s get a better insight into farmers expenses and how they relate to the price we pay!


Is the coffee you buy future proof? We care about improving the current footprint left behind by farmers.. What bottleneck do farmers need to solve to become environmentally sustainable? Learn more about innovative techniques farmers used to decrease impact on our Planet.

How to find specific lot information?

  1. Select a coffee from our offerlist by clicking on the button “Read More”.
  2. Search in the menu bar by typing in your 7-digit Product ID (e.g. CL20XXX).
  3. Brows the expected shipments for the lastest product information.
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