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Our story

In late 2016 , three Dutch guys all with the same dream teamed up to bring you some of the best coffees from around the world. Ronald de Hommel, Michiel Lampers and Friso Spoor, each having several year’s of experience in sourcing & importing specialty coffee. Now added to Team is Stephen Levene, responsible for The Coffee Quest’s activities in the United States.


All of us met during various coffee fairs and the active sourcing activities in Colombia, and decided it made more sense working together. The common denominator was that all of us wanted to work in a transparent and short supply chain where most of the money you pay for a coffee ends up with the farmers, and involving both roasters and producers in the value chain.

The Coffee Quest always looks for high quality coffees that have been produced with high social and environmental standards. Through our experience in international development, logistics and journalism, the Team makes sure to provide extensive background information and exclusive lots.


Our strength is that we are based in The Netherlands, Baltimore (Washington)  and in the producing countries Colombia and Guatemala. We have knowledge and access to both the production and market side of coffee. And by speaking Dutch, English, Spanish, German and French we provide easy access to the coffee industry for many different nationalities. Our base in producing countries gives us the possibility to stay in close contact with our producers and to always be flexible in finding new interesting coffees. Access our real-time offerlist, to see our Spot & Expected portfolio available in our warehouse in EU and USA. For larger customers (100+ bags) we can provide direct FOB access to coffee from the different countries of origin.


So don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

Our values



fair share


The Team


Michiel Lampers


Friso Spoor


Ronald de Hommel

Teamwork makes the dream work!