Maximizing our added value in 2020

We told you that 2020 will be the year of improvements on every level in The Coffee Quest’s life. We are not only working on a more convenient orderng system, but we are hiring a team who will help us to provide more transparent stories, strenghten the collaborations and highlight our qualities.

Daniela will spend 4 months with us, let’s see who is she and what is her mission within The Coffee Quest’s team:

Welcome Daniela!

Colombian, sociologist, since 2010, a constant wanderer of the corners of Deep Colombia, time in which she has fallen in love with the beauty of its mountains, its coffee plantations, the humble, resilient and hard-working people that inhabits the country.

I was born in Bogota, but my roots come from a little village in one corner of the coffee region. 

– Daniela

Santuario, in Risaralda was the home of a large family, as coffee families usually are, that was forced to migrate to the big city escaping from the violence. The location changed, but the coffee remained as the glue of the family. The cold mornings in the capital were always fixed with a good tinto (black coffee), served in olleta and sweetened with panela. 

Coffee means home, caring, good conversations and a shared life. 

– Daniela

But the story behind that coffee is far from being a perfect one.  Deep Colombia showed me the struggles and challenges that coffee farmers face to survive; it showed me the imbalance between the effort and care invested in the beans and its price, often not sufficient and not really fair with the farmers….

The mission:

That is why my mission in TCQ is quite fascinating. Finding a company that cares about fair trade and transparent relationships is not really common. My mission is to develop a mechanism, a method, to document such innovative experience and to recognize the impacts that a transparent and caring relationship has not only for the people, but also for the planet, adding value and meaning to the final product.

With the help of Daniela we will be able to share more insightful stories, be more transparent and show the world how we care about the people, product, price and our beautiful planet.