Alvira’s Extraction

Our Quality Assistant,  Alvira (@alvira_kanusa) has been brewing it up. Have a look at his favorite recipe of this month! 

Chosen lot, flavor notes:

Café Santa Maria

Orange, citrus, caramel, honey, clean aftertaste, smooth body.

This is the Quality 2 from Santa Maria Buying Station in Northern Huila. Although total lot consists out of many smallholders, each small lot has been cupped throughly to create consistency. The aim is a 83 scoring lot in Colombia, and it often picks up 1,0 point resting on the voyage.

Into the beans

  • Moisture: 9,5%
  • Density: 852 g/l
  • Harvest: July 2019
  • Roasting Machine: Ikawa V2
  • Roast profile: ‘CL19057 Santa Maria’ (Beans at 17 °C, 17% after FC) 

“Slightly higher charge temperature create more balance between the citric acidity and overall smooth body”

  • Agtron: 103,4 (Extremely Light, or at least that is what the machine says!)

Brewing recipe:

  • Grind size: 7,7 on Malhkonig EK 43 (arbitrary of course!)
  • Water temperature: 93-94 °C
  • Coffee weight: 15 grams
  • Ratio: 1:18,2 (273 ml)
  • Water specifications: 114 ppm / 6,3 PH
  • Brew time: 4:00 min.
  • Pouring:
    • 1st 25gr bloom for 45 seconds
    • 2nd (at 45s) circular pour of 115 gr of water
    • 3rd (1 min 20s) circular pour until 215 gr
    • 4th (2 min 20s) center pour until 273 gr
    • 5th finish at 4:00 min.


  • TDS: 1,40
  • Extraction: 21%