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New Harvest Brazil

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As the harvest season in Brazil comes to a close, most cooperatives have completed their first container exports, typically comprising of Good Cup and Fine Cup coffees that were pre-contracted before the season began.

In recent years, the understanding of producing Brazilian higher-scoring lots has significantly expanded. Producers are now dedicated to early plot mapping, identifying the areas that promise the highest quality outputs, ensuring uniform ripening for mechanical harvesting. Coupled with post-harvest improvements, we eagerly anticipate cupping the final results of our producers’ network. 

The specialty lots, which receive the highest scores, are not part of the initial export. Instead, they become available during the months of September, October, and even November. 
The Coffee Quest Brasil actively shares samples with us to find suitable homes for each of these coffees. Producers are enthusiastic about showcasing their lots but are also eager to sell them quickly. The inclination to sell early is fuelled by a favorable flowering season that foreshadows a larger harvest in 2024.

To expedite the process, it is crucial for roasters to communicate their preferences. The Coffee Quest can efficiently provide samples when we already know your preferences. Don’t miss out – sign up now, share your preferences using the form below, and help us secure the best lots before they run out.


“Scaleable agroforestry: Eduardo’s Project: Flora”
Wed, 4th October – 4pm 

Join The Coffee Quest on October 4th for an enlightening presentation by Eduardo Ferreira de Sousa, as he unveils his groundbreaking Agroforestry project: Flora and his work on demonstration farm Fazenda Pedra Preta. 

Discover how Brazilian agroforestry sets itself apart from other origins, offering unique solutions for regenerative agriculture. Eduardo’s innovative approach is not only environmentally friendly but also scalable, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. 

The presentation will last 20 minutes, followed by an engaging 10-minute Q&A session. Save the date and stay tuned for more details. 


Fri, 6th October – 4pm 
LocationAMSTERDAM ROASTERS – Nieuwendammerdijk 526P, 1023 BX Amsterdam

Explore our sample selection at our lab at Amsterdam Roasters and take advantage of our forward prices. After the cupping we will have some drinks together!

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