Café Tejipaz – Restoring peace through coffee

Welcome at Tejipaz 2


Café Tejipaz refers to a local association in Granada, Colombia, which aims to establish and maintain peace in the region, re-stimulate economic development and push for a sustainable economy. One way to reach their goals is through coffee. How? Why? Read more below to find it out. 

The village of Granada is situated not far away from the main road between Medellín and Bogotá. This is one of the areas that got influenced the most by the guerrillas in Colombia. Although Granada was always a coffee land, unfortunately, crops were ignored for decades. 

Tejipaz was established officially in January 2016 to become the force for local residents. This association represents the resilience of victims suffering regional armed conflicts, hence they operate to help sustain peace in the region.

“The members of Tejipaz have been formed in a community spirit, due to their experiences largely determined by the historical circumstances of the municipality, the region and the country” – Tejipaz 

For a few years now, Tejipaz has been putting effort into operating their project to replant tens of thousands of coffee trees. Advisory, training, planning and management services are also organized in different areas to reach citizens in need of help. Gradually, more farmers are joining the wave to replant coffee and restore the crop of Granada. 

The high motivation and intentions of the association made developed a strong sense of community among the members.

The Coffee Quest is proud to cooperate with the association Tejipaz. They buy only coffee 82+, a challenging goal and motivation for farmers to improve their quality. For this season we are offering a fresh Washed Castillo lot from this beautiful area.

The motivation of Tejipaz keeps us inspired. In line with our mission, they produce coffee with added value: coffee is a means to restore peace in the municipality and bring opportunities for producers’ families to market their coffee at a better price. 


Transparency and fair prices are the two main pillars behind Café Tejipaz. The Coffee Quest’s work is intended to support both the local farmers and Tejipaz’s ambition to restore the coffee land as we both share the same vision: adding values to the value chain through coffee. 


Tejipaz aims to be a recognized leader in resource management. Hence, the association updates on environmental practices occasionally, through promoting the use of their organic fertilizers. 

In addition, it is one of their ongoing missions to help farmers’ members get organic certifications. As more farmers joined the network, more organic-certified farms were born. This includes not only coffee crops, but also other farming products of the region. 

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