So, a short recap of the last couple months… I took what ideas I had to create a service-minded business in green “unroasted” coffee and together with the support from my friends in Nicaragua, I’m actually making big steps (whoohoo!). Fuente now officially imports, sells, distributes green specialty coffee, and for this I take a commission to cover the costs. The objective is to give producers the tools they need to enter the European specialty market and create their own transparent customer base. So if in the long-term anything happens to Fuente, the relationship will still exist.


First of all, this is my second time in Nicaragua, as last harvest season I worked for Peralta Coffees at the dry mill (where the coffee is dried and processed) near Ocotal, a little town in the Northern tip of this beautiful volcano country. Quite the inspiring year of hard work, meeting the different people who make specialty coffee happen on the ground. To me, “specialty” just means a coffee that doesn’t need blending to make it good.

A new farm in our portfolio

Luz Soraida Restrepo of Finca La Paz in Concordia, Antioquia produces a subtle and pleasant coffee with a fragrance of milk chocolate with a hint of peach and spices.

Luz Soraida bought this spectacular but neglected farm a year ago with the family’s savings. One of her brothers, a Q-graded upper advised her in the selection of a great piece of land. Together with her other brother they managed to improve the fermentation and drying processes and their first harvest turned out to be of a very high quality with promises of even more improvements in the coming years.