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After our trip to Central America this year, we’re thrilled to highlight two key origins: Guatemala and Costa Rica. These countries not only offer exceptional coffee but also reflect our commitment to quality and sustainable sourcing practices.

Guatemala serves as the focal point of our campaign, representing our aspirations for growth in Central America. With a strong network of producers and interested clients, we’re excited to re-sample and showcase the finest coffees this region has to offer. Our focus lies on maintaining relationships with familiar producers while exploring new opportunities within Guatemala’s diverse regions. Click the button below, to visit our blog, where Luis shares his insights following our origin trip in February ’24.

Costa Rica presents a unique challenge and opportunity in 2024. While the country boasts high-quality coffee, the production and labor costs drive prices upwards. Consequently, many lots remained unsold last year due to their high prices. To address this challenge, we’re shifting towards a pre-order model, heavily sampling to ensure the quality of each coffee before placing orders. There’s more! We’re actively exploring offerings from renowned producers such as Las Lajas, Aquiares, Don Eli, and Don Senel. If you’re keen to experience their production this year, let us know!

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Wed, 22nd May – 4pm
AMSTERDAM ROASTERS – Nieuwendammerdijk 526P, 1023 BX Amsterdam

Explore our sample selection at our lab at Amsterdam Roasters and secure your favourite coffees at special pricing, early in the season. After the cupping, we will have some drinks together!


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GT = Guatemala; CR = Costa Rica
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