Cerrado Gold, closer to Brazilian farmers in Cerrado Mineiro



In the wide complex network of Brazilian coffee farms, our sister company in Brazil, Varginha, is our key to building long-term relationships with Brazilian coffee farmers. Teresa Costa and Gabriel Lessa are our two main partners behind The Coffee Quest Brasil. 

The Coffee Quest Brasil maintains close relationships with the farmers and cooperatives, keeping up with all innovations that happen on the farm level. Thanks to their job, we can provide regular updates about producers and generate valuable content to help roasters market their coffee.

“Our focus is to always improve our expertise in coffee. We participate regularly in competitions to calibrate on an international level. The rest of the team participates in courses for coffee quality” – Teresa & Gabriel, The Coffee Quest Brasil

Their strategic location helped us to build strong relationships with farmers in Cerrado Mineiro and to expand our assortment with traceable high-quality lots.

The Coffee Quest Brasil is strategically based in the South of Minas Gerais, the biggest state for coffee production. The city Varginha is the centre of the coffee trade and this allows us to plan regular visits to coffee farmers in multiple coffee regions and receive samples in a short time frame.

The Coffee Quest Brasil is in charge of active sourcing, pre-selection, and logistics management. They carefully select the coffee from different regions and farms to create scalable volumes to export within and outside Brazil. 

The Team is committed to quality control, from checking the sampling to loading containers. The quality The Coffee Quest offers ranges from premium commodities to high-scoring lots.

Cerrado Gold is a lot that has been created by Gabriel Lessa, by combining different coffees of multiple farmers that can reach a consistent volume and maintain the overall quality, by keeping faith with our customer propositions: Traceability, Collaboration, Quality. 


The Coffee Quest Brasil is an independent company born out of the partnership with The Coffee Quest. For this reason, we share a common vision to create long-term relationships between the growers and roastersEach relationship is based on paying fair prices to coffee growers in relation to cup quality. Having a direct and good relationship with farmers is fundamental to building trust and transparency across the value chain.




In the quest for the best lots, The Coffee Quest Brasil is always looking for farmers with innovative producing techniques that embrace the environmental issue. For this reason, it is fundamental for us promoting and supporting regenerative agriculture like the agroforestry projects in the fight against climate change. Read more about our agroforestry projects below. 

How can Agroforestry System can reduce climate volatility?

How can the Agroforestry system reduce climate volatility and give such a positive impact? Read more in the article linked to find out!

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