Cocapil Mogiana Gold, Brazil

The coffee region of Mogiana (part in São Paulo, part in Minas Gerais) is home to sizable cooperatives, which play a critical role in contributing to the social and economic development of their region, especially in the coffee sector. In the wide network of coffee farms based in Ibiraci, the cooperative COCAPIL stands out as the perfect example.

Cocapil is the name of a cooperative in Ibiraci, Mogiana region (Minas gerais). There are about 850 active producers in Minas Gerais, and together they work to create balanced lots that showcase stone fruity in combination with classic milk chocolate. The coffee grows at around 950 – 1000 m.a.s.l. Cocapil understands the golden standard and provides an economically priced coffee with “that something extra”.

100% family owned

COCAPIL was founded in 2001 when Elvis Vilhena Faleiro’s father (Laerce França Faleiros) together with 12 other producers of the region decided to set up the cooperative. The main idea behind was to give the opportunity to small and medium farmers to place the best coffee of Brazil to the market.

The first export was realized in 2017, but the history of these coffee farmers is much older. Elvis’ father has always worked in coffee production, but he focused mainly on the internal market. The interview with Elvis suggests a strong willingness to continue learning more and improve the cooperative activities. They decided to stop focusing on quantity and started looking for higher quality, adding value to farmers.

COCAPIL is 100% family owned, they care about the right value paid to the coffee farmers, for this reason their mission is to export more coffee with higher added value, to markets that have sustainability and quality in high regards.In a market where specialty coffee demands higher standards every year, the role of cooperatives is pivotal to raise awareness among producers and encourage them to move towards higher quality and more sustainable practices. In this scenario, COCAPIL fully recognizes the importance of the environment, which is vital not only for the coffee production but also for our lives and community.

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