How We Work

Traceability & Collaboration

The Coffee Quest Colombia is a totally independent company supplying specialty coffee not only to The Coffee Quest Europe and US but to importers worldwide. We do adhere to all the same standards of quality, traceability, and sustainability.

The Coffee Quest Colombia runs regional stations in Huila & Antioquia. Through these access points in small coffee communities and daily cuppings of smallholder lots, we can always guarantee a good supply of quality coffee. 

We work closely together with small farmers, associations, and producer groups, focusing on personal relationships. We promote fair payments and sustainable production methods and supply fully traceable coffee lots. 

finca bella vista (15)
LOS OSOS - Biodiversity in Santa Maria, Colombia
Loading container in Santa Maria
Santa Maria Station in Huila(9)

Close Relationships

In close contact with our clients all over the world, we purchase and compile the lots required. Exports may contain premium quality high commercials or a mix of lots of different qualities and price ranges. 

Due to our good relationships with farmers, we can supply the same lots year after year with full traceability. We develop personal relations with producers, organize visits and if needed we can provide all information for your block-chain-controlled supply system. 

Contact us for a quote or for more information on our process! 

Type of Qualities

Trust & Quality

The Coffee Quest Colombia has a large quality team with cupping labs in all the regional centers, and the main one in Rionegro, Antioquia.

Each purchased coffee is cupped a minimum of 3 times by different quality teams to promote objectivity. To ensure reliable results, we discuss them together with local partners and clients from all over the world. 

Thanks to our mobile cuppers, who travel around the country, we can bring coffees to you from reliable partners in regions where we are not represented.

Checking quality in Santa Maria Station, Huila
Quality Check in our regional station
Torres family from El Mirador in Huila(1)
IMG-20210331-WA0003 (1)

Highest Level
of Processing

Our Dry-Mill in Rionegro

Good coffee needs good processing. In our own Specialty Coffee Dry Mill, quality is our highest priority. Our mill de-husks the coffee without heating up the beans. Our separation process is based on size, weight and color and uses the latest technology available in the market today.

We can handle micro and group lots from a few bags up to full containers. We package them in strong sisal coffee bags with protective plastic (re-usable) inner lining. Vacuum packaging will be available soon.

We recently moved The Medellín Mill and the main office of The Coffee Quest Colombia to Rionegro, Antioquia, 40 minutes from Medellín and 15 minutes from the International Airport. Here, we review and prepare all our coffees for export via one of the main Colombian sea or airports.

Making an Impact

Innovating the supply Chain
For The Future

The Coffee Quest Colombia sets up various local social and environmental projects to guarantee continued supply of great coffee and to show our commitment to producers

The True Cost of Coffee

The True Price of Coffee includes the full footprint of its production process, including hidden costs, such as living wage and the negative impact of coffee production on the environment, which traditionally do not count towards the price of the product.

The Dutch initiative Future Proof Coffee Collective developed a tool to put a value on these negative impacts and calculate the true price of coffee. We are using the TCA Tool in a pilot project in Santa Maria and in our other regional centers as well.


The project is aimed to eliminate the water pollution from the washed process. After the fermentation process, the water contains a lot of pollutants that often end up in the rivers of coffee regions.

The Coffee Quest is supporting farmers to invest in an Eco-Washer, a small technical innovation that scrapes the sticky mucilage produced during the fermentation process. The thick remaining paste is then used as fertilizer.

Coffee Women in Antioquia

The aim of The Coffee Quest is to empower women in the coffee world. Many of the best producing farms in Antioquia are run by women, who became sources of inspiration for other women in the village.

The Coffee Quest Colombia supports women’s associations by promoting their coffees “Mujeres de Colombia” and organizing workshops. These activities are intended to empower women to manage their (family) farms as successful businesses.

Mujeres de Colombia
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