The Coffee Quest Coffee Imports | A new farm in our portfolio
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A new farm in our portfolio

Luz Soraida Restrepo of Finca La Paz in Concordia, Antioquia produces a subtle and pleasant coffee with a fragrance of milk chocolate with a hint of peach and spices.

Luz Soraida bought this spectacular but neglected farm a year ago with the family’s savings. One of her brothers, a Q-graded upper advised her in the selection of a great piece of land. Together with her other brother they managed to improve the fermentation and drying processes and their first harvest turned out to be of a very high quality with promises of even more improvements in the coming years.

The farm is put in the names of her 3 daughters and serves as their ‘college fund’. With the proceedings of the coffee sales she guaranteed all three daughters have a chance for a good education. The two oldest ones already are involved in all aspects, including the management of the plantation.

The coffee, all of the delicate Caturra varietal has a fragrance of milk chocolate with a hint of peach and spices. A subtle and delicate floral flavor with low acidity and a light body.

It can be used for any preparation method, but will work great for pour-over and drip methods.