The Coffee Quest Coffee Imports | DIRECT!
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The Coffee Quest: DIRECT!

Our The Coffee Quest DIRECT! Program offers you the benefit of lower prices and a large choice of coffees to choose from at the very beginning of every new coffee season. Each year we aim to import at least one container of fresh coffee lots from each origin we manage. We have strong relationships with each origin we supply, visiting our partners and producers personally each year. In some origins we even have our own company or organization to guarantee quality, reliability and short lines, so lower prices for you and higher for the producers.


Each container we bring to Europe as part of our DIRECT! Program is partially filled up with coffees for our spot list and partially with lots that you can reserve ahead of time. We supply pre-shipment samples during the harvest season. You can review them and place an order before the end of the harvest. We will save on storage and shipping by including your lot in our container, passing these discounts on to you. So you’ll receive this coffee at a minimum discount of 10%.


Plan your coffee orders throughout the year. Don’t forget to ask for pre-shipment samples in time. (But rest assured we’ll remind you as well).


Through open communication with our origin partners in, we are able to voice your preferences on the production process. Are you looking for something more specific?

We can scout for a specific flavor profile matching your price range. Other options to select are different combinations of plant varieties, applied processes, farm (plot) traceability, certifications, producer story etc. Creating a pre-harvest wish list will actually help the producer to take this into account during the harvest. After quality control the lot matching your needs will be reserved pending the roaster’s sample approval.

How to participate in our program


Register yourself below and indicate your preferences for origins, producers, profile and price.


Receive tailor-made sample packs straight from origin of the available lots of your choice immediately when they come available.


Select your lots based on the pre-shipment samples. Your early commitment lowers risks and costs throughout the chain, and earns you a 10% discount!


Roast the new harvest as one of the first in Europe, we do the rest: We secure your lot, handle import, quality control, distribution and supply you with promotional texts and images.

Register right now, right here! And a member of our team will be in contact with you soon.