Cup of Excellence Auction Round 2 – The Ecuador Edition

Ecuador Cup of Excellence 2021 auction cupping days at TCQ

The previous auction of the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence 2021 was a real success. It was the The Coffee Quest’s first Cup of Excellence in which we organized a buyers’ group and represented our collective purchasing power. Prior to this, two cupping sessions were hosted, where all buyers and interested parties joined us and tasted the best 39 Ethiopian coffees. The Coffee Quest helped our buyers take one step closer towards owning some of the best coffees from Ethiopia. After securing the winning lots, now we are ready for a new one: The Ecuador Cup of Excellence 2021 Auction – 29th November 2021. 

The Ecuadorian Auction

The Alliance of Coffee Excellence (ACE) is hosting the very first Cup of Excellence for Ecuador, followed by the auction for the 23 best coffees of Ecuador on the 29th of November 2021. This time, The Coffee Quest US is organizing a Buyers’ Group, representing you – interested parties – in this exclusive auction for the best coffee of The Ecuador Cup of Excellence 2021. By bundling our purchase power again, we can compete effectively with larger buyers and gain a higher chance to be the owner of Ecuador’s best offers. 

For this Ecuador Cup of Excellence, only maximum 20 members can participate in the Buyer’s group. To indicate your interest of joining the Buyer’s group, sign up through our webshop [link included below] and contact our Buyer’s group Organizers from The Coffee Quest US:

  • Sarah Oermann –
  • Stephen Levene –

 Yes, please send me more info on participation!

Cupping Days

The Coffee Quest is organizing cupping days of top ranking lots also for The Ecuador Cup of Excellence 2021. Register and get your ticket for your preferred cupping dateOnly 5 participants per cupping will have exclusive access. Save the dates!

Cuppings in Amsterdam, Nieuwendammerdijk 526P:

  • 1st cupping day: Thursday, 18th November 2021, 14:00 
  • 2nd cupping day: Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 14:00

Cupping in Austin, 2501 E 5th St. Austin, Texas 78702:

  • Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 11:00 

For the local cuppings in Austin and Amsterdam, we will roast samples with our IKAWA. Furthermore, we will compile feedback of all cuppers in a spreadsheet. Results will be shared with other buying group members. There will be no possibility of re-cupping! Samples are limited.

If you are unable to participate in either of the in-person cuppings, you may purchase larger green samples through COE directly or purchase our exclusive sample box with top 23 lots, either green or roasted beans (50gr). The Coffee Quest will send your Little Box of Excellence directly to your roastery. 

Select here below the product you’re interested in.  

The Alliance of Cup of Excellence (ACE) is responsible for the global Cup of Excellence (CoE) competitions and auctions. These events push coffee quality and value to a higher level, to the benefit of the industry as a whole. 

National winners score at least 85 points, while lots that win the Top 30 International Contest need to score at least 87 points. Additionally, those who score higher than 90+ receive an Organization President’s Award. 

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