Reinel Caron from El Bombo farm in Huila


Reinel Caron is the owner of the El Bombo farm in Pitalito, Colombia. He lives on the farm, which he bought in 2007, together with his wife and two children. The land was full of trees, cane and stubble when he started back then. But together with his wife he turned the land into a profitable coffee farm where he is not only growing coffee but also corn, bananas and yuca (a common source of food in Colombia). His biggest challenge as a coffee farmer these days are the low harvests, which were very low the last two years compared to the previous years. Together with The Coffee Quest he hopes to build a sustainable farm that stands out because of it’s quality and to send his children to university.

‘’Working with The Coffee Quest gave me better trust, friendships, transparency and profits’’ – Reinel Caron



El Bombo makes for an economically attractive coffee while keeping the quality of a micro lot. A balanced cup with hints of dried fruits and citrus fruits. A perfect fit if you are looking for an exclusive micro lot because we only have 5 bags of this coffee!



It was a challenge for Reinel and his family to get his land as fertile as it is today because the previous owner used a lot of herbicide on it. Fast forward to today and Reinel now treats his residual water and he even uses composted coffee pulp from previous harvests to irrigate his new crops.

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