Hugo Gonzales Diaz from El Edén in Huila


The farm El Edén from Hugo Gonzalez Diaz is located in Garzon. The land was inherited from his parents.  The farm sits at an altitude of average 1,850 m.a.s.l. and consists of 3 hectares in coffee, of which Hugo currently has 9,000 trees of Variedad Colombia in production. We initially met Hugo through Alberto, our cupper who works in Santa Maria station, who happens to come from the same town and has known Hugo Gonzalez for years. The farm is also managed by Hugo’s son, his main helper.

During the harvest, the work on the farm begins at 5:30am. The process starts with carrying out coffee picking activities during the day and finish with the pulping and washing process  (this last one is when the coffee has finished its fermentation process) around 6:00 pm. 

“During the non-harvest season, my duties are to maintain the coffee, to fertilize when necessary, and to plant other crops, such as beans.’’ – H. G. Diaz



The family faces challenges maintaining the quality of the coffee,  but is determined to improve their knowledge about processes and to have commercial allies that guarantee us better prices. Hugo Gonzales and his family are working to improve the quality of the coffee, and experiment with different processes of fermentation and to show better varieties. 

“What makes my coffee special is the love and dedication with which I carried out each of the processes of coffee production.” – Hugo Gonzales Diaz





The Coffee Quest uses the Santa Maria station structure to pay fixed transparent prices in relation to quality. Single-farm micro lots can be kept seperate if they score higher than 85+ points. The work is compensated through TCQ’s structure in Santa Maria.

“It made me very happy that my coffee and my work have been valued by getting a better price.” – H. G. Diaz


Through an adequate management of coffee waste and a modular system that filters the water to avoid contamination of our water sources, the farm is taking care of the Planet. 

“We have a foest where we take care of the life of the animals, especially the bees. We have a water source and we protect it.’’ – H. G. Diaz

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