Torres family from El Mirador in Huila


Jairo and Andres Torres are father and son and strong members of our program Productores del Futuro. Productores del Futuro is our project of 25 member producers from Huila with the aim of strengthening the alliance between farmers and The Coffee Quest, while ensuring consistent high-quality coffee. Jairo bought the El Mirador farm in 2004 and his son Andres joined, starting his own plot called Terra Nova. 

The whole family is involved in the management of the finca. The wife of Andres prepares the food for the workers, whilst his brothers take care of maintenance on the farm. His father focuses on post-harvest processing, washing and drying the coffee. In the off-season, there are four employees helping the family out on the farm, but during the harvest season, there is work for more than 20 workers.

The transparent price structure from The Coffee Quest Colombia works well for the Torres family. We are happy to see them return in our assortment. The quest for the family Torres is simple: produce the best quality to obtain a better income and improve quality of life.

“When I got a call from Stephen telling me that my coffee quality had improved and that I would get a bonus, I was very happy to receive that news and to see that the company works with transparency and values our work.’’ – Andres Torres

Last January 2023, we visited Jairo Torres and his family with some roasters who joined our trip. Torres’ family warmly welcomed us with a delicious breakfast and showed us the entire finca. They explained the whole post-harvest process and the varieties they produce such as Castillo, Caturra, Cenicafe. 



El Mirador has coffee coming from two plots: San Agustin and Terra Nova. The San Augustin lot is the end product of the hard work of the whole Torres family and the Terra Nova lot is a special project from Jairo’s son Andres. San Augustin will give you a cup full of sweet prunes and brown spices, while Terra Nova will give you more acidity and the sweetness of fresh nectarine.

My income has improved and I have been able to improve the drying facilities.’’  – Jairo Torres



Andres and Jairo create awareness among their employees to not dump garbage in the coffee plantations. The coffee cherries are treated in pits before they decompose it. After decomposition and the cherry biomass is dried out, it is used to fertilize the crops. The Torres family also separates their waste. Glass and plastic are taken to the collection center located in their village.

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