The Coffee Quest Coffee Imports | El Salvador
Coffee, Import, Europe, Green coffee
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El Salvador, the result of a crazy ride.

In february 2017 we arrived in San Salvador after visiting the Peraltas in Nicaragua as part of our Roaster trip. After the good first week and we were up for exploring El Salvador. A visit in 2016 sparked the idea to see more of this small, but unique Central American country. With the help of Jefferson and Lupita from Café Internacional and Juan from COEX Specialty, we got a tour through the good&bad, small&big farms in the East of the country. I will not go into to much detail about the trip, but after seeing the extend of damage from the Leaf Rust, the difficulty from some cooperatives to survive, and sometime lack of young people... all of this helps us appreciated the work of all the producers delivering coffee to us. We did see some great things happening for specialty coffee, and creativity definitely characterizes some of the specialty farms. The people from COEX Specialty were kind enough to provide us with a great cupping of which we selected 2 lots. Next year you can expect much more from Juan, as he is working hard to improve selection and post-harvest processing. There is definitely some interesting and clean Bourbon and Pacamara lots coming from Juan, bringing a unique acidity to the table.

Update 2018