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What's happening?

When it comes to sourcing coffees in Ethiopia, it’s never simple: the C-Market has dropped significantly compared to this time last year, but cherry prices in Ethiopia are higher than the peak of 2022!

The question remains: why is the cherry price even higher (and continuing to rise)?  


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Join our Origin Trip

Join one of our 2 origin trips, enjoy the culture of the Horn of Africa and select the best set directly from our partners' labs.

  • 08th – 15th March 2023
  • 09th – 16th April 2023

A full experience of 4 days of cupping and coffee business, we’ll take a break and discover the mysterious country of Djibouti. We’ll embark on a boat tour of the port and its surroundings, and then explore the stunning geological wonders of the inland region.

fee: 1500 eur, fully inclusive (flights to Eth are excluded)

Public Cupping May

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  • Wed 22-03, 10:00 
  • Wed 29-03,10:00 
  • Wed 19-04, 10:00 
  • Wed 26-04, 10:00 

Location: Amsterdam Roasters – Nieuwendammerdijk 526P, 1023 BX Amsterdam 

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