quality control


the origin story

Our journey started when we visited Fazendas Klem, where Juan Vargas introduced us to Brazilian Specialty. Over the course of many conversations and several visits he showed me to the work they do to lift the quality on their farms, and how they approach Organic production. As world’s largest producing country Brazil has had a big influence on consumer’s drinking preferences. The lower altitude coffee from this colorful country our known for heavy dark chocolate and nutty flavors. Our intention is to target brighter Brazil’s with new cup profiles, while keeping the part of the flavors that people love.

Starting 2019, The Coffee Quest will be operating in Brazil’s export capital Varginha to improve access to interesting coffee and create flexibility in export. We identify a growing availability of quality coffee, especially from a younger generation of farmers. Equipped with a new mind-set a new generation is opening up to methods for improving quality as alternative to provide in their future livelihoods. Through our local partnerships The Coffee Quest will be able to locally pre-select fresh harvest lots promote transparent trade relationships between producers and the end-market. We focus on producers in the coffee regions Sul de Minas, Cerrado Mineiro, and Mogiana (all in the State of Minas Gerais), but also include Organics from Matas de Minas and Bahia’s Chapada Diamantina. The combined objective of all chain partners is to facilitate easy access to high quality lots.

our regions

Cerrado Mineiro​

The Cerrado region, located in the Minas Gerais state, is one of Brazil’s important eco-regions. In the tropical savanna there is an abundance of flora and fauna, living among the bush like vegetation.​


The region carries the name of the former railway system, Companhia Mogiana Estrada de Ferro, which was built in 1872 in order to transport the huge volumes of coffee that were being grown in the area.​

Sul de minas​

Sul de Minas, located in the Southern part of Minas Gerais, is home to Brazil’s largest cooperatives. Going deeper into Sul de Minas, we identify an award-winning region for specialty coffee.​

organic certified

The Organic Certified segment holds an important position alongside our Micro-region segmentation in Brazil. In our Quest for quality coffee we are actively including farms that are producing fully Organic.​

Coffee facts - brazil

Brazil is the largest producer of Arabica coffee, with the State of Minas Gerais contributing to 15% of world production.