Cerrado Mineiro

Cup profile: Intense aroma with notes of caramel and walnuts, delicate citric acidity, full bodied, sweet with chocolate characteristic and long finish.

The Cerrado region, located in the Minas Gerais state, is one of Brazil’s important eco-regions. In the tropical savanna there is an abundance of flora and fauna, living among the bush like vegetation. In the 1970s a new wave of agriculture came with farmers arriving from Parana & São Paulo, escaping problems with frost and nematodes. By the application of innovative techniques for correcting soil acidity, large-scale cultivation became possible. 

Growers invested heavily in quality and became pioneers in producing specialty coffee. The overall flat land allows for selective machine harvesting, trimming the top and moving down together with cherry maturation on the tree.The unique dry weather during harvest periods, make the Cerrado Mineiro perfect for post-harvest processing. The stable environmental conditions provide an excellent base for controlling fermentation and improving complexity in the cup.