El Dorado


Fazenda El Dorado has been in the Vilhena Faleiros family for many years. The farm currently belongs to Mr. Laerce França Faleiros. It is situated in the city of Ibiraci, Minas Gerais, and has been producing crops and livestock for over 70 years. The region is said to be privileged compared to others, as the farm’s geographical conditions and excellent climate create a micro-climate conducive to the production of specialty coffees. The farm measures 256 hectares, with 180 hectares planted with coffee, and 45 for forest reserves. The farm is run by Laerce’s sons, Elvis Vilhena Faleiros and Jean Vilhena Faleiros. The oldest crops were planted in 1940 and are still producing. Organic fertilizers produced on the farm are used to keep the plants’ nutrition properly balanced. The objective is to preserve the microscopic life of the soil, which is very fertile. The farm has 27 full-time employees. The owners invest in training for their workers.

Fazenda El Dorado’s coffee is prepared in an environmentally friendly manner. Crop management and the harvest are done by hand with the help of machinery. After being picked, the beans are taken to the patios, where they are spread to dry under the sun. When they reach 11% humidity, the beans are taken to wooden rest boxes where they rest for at least 30 days. The entire process, from the harvest to re-processing, including classifying by screen size and density, as well as electronic selection by color and manual selection, is done on the farm itself.


Catuaí, Catucaí, Mundo novo, acaía

1050-1150 m.a.s.l.