Organic certified

Organic Amparo

The Organic Certified segment holds an important position alongside our Micro-region segmentation in Brazil. In our Quest for quality coffee we are actively including farms that are producing fully Organic and have received their certification to export to the US & Europe. In coffee consuming countries we see a growing demand for Organic products to both avoid chemicals and to support a more holistic lifestyle. As part of this proposition, The Coffee Quest Europe was able to get their Organic Certification with SKAL in The Netherlands.

Part of our visits to Brazil are to understand the reasons for producers to become Organic Certified. We would like farmers to avoid cutting corners during production, and therefore value other intrensic motivations that do not involve economic incentives. Any producer can tell you about the risk for dropping volumes resulting from a move from conventional to Organic. Those who survive the three years of conversion often have their own story about why they took the step. The success stories we present have been able to integrate quality into their production process, compensating for their initial investment. Our search has led to suppliers in different regions of Brazil with each their own story. 

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