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Colombia has special place in our heart, because that is where The Coffee Quest started. Original founder Ronald de Hommel moved here in 2011, initially to work as a photojournalist, but soon fell in love with the Colombian landscapes and the specialty coffee culture. Over the next years he developed a full sourcing network and grow European distribution from The Netherlands. In collaboration with Stephen we have extended our reach to the United States East-Coast,  offering a steady supply of Antioquia, Huila & Narino.

The Coffee Quest Colombia is a team of ten dedicated people, working on increasing the quality from post-harvest to ready export product. To solve the last bottlenecks our supply chain, we opened the Medellin Mill in 2018. The first purely specialty coffee focused Micro Dry Mill in the department of Antioquia. In our facility in Medellin we are able to collect, check quality, mill, clean and package our coffees according to the highest standards possible. This include avoiding dust, noise and heavy lifting to improve working conditions. In Colombia we have year-round access to coffee by making smart use of the harvest seasons in each region. We work closely together with our producing partners, small to medium size farms ranging from 0,5 to 7 Hectares. On a daily basis we discuss production methods, fertilization, harvesting and post-harvest processing. As part of the operation we trained new cuppers and developed two buying stations together with local partners in Antioquia and Huila. These station allows us to provide quick payment and pay a price in relation to quality. Adding cup quality into the buying decision is new for smallholders in located near the buying stations.



The Antioquia region is home to The Coffee Quest Colombia, based in the city of Medellin, “The City of the Eternal Spring”. The violent past of the city is slowly fading away with the growing amount tourism and general development in the city.


The coffee producing region Huila has been at the forefront of Colombian specialty coffee for some while. This Southern region is located next to the alongside the Andes Mountains and the Los Navados Volcano.

La Victoria 2018 picture

la victoria

In 2017, we were contacted though facebook by a Colombian woman living in the US who asked if we were interested in trying some coffee from her native village high in the mountains of Huila. Sure, we said, a little intrigued.

Family Buying Station Giraldo

giraldo buying station

The Coffee Quest Colombia took the traditional buying station model, but is adding a Quality Lab to focus on quality. The idea is to incorporate sensorial characteristics into the buying decision, next to looking at the physical aspects of the coffee beans.

Coffee facts - colombia

Did you know that Colombian smallholders process on their own farm? All coffee is dried and washed high up in the mountains.