Cup profile: Notes of citrus and sweet molasses, beatiful spices mixed with dark chocolate, and a syropy body.

The Antioquia region is home to The Coffee Quest Colombia, based in the city of Medellin, “The City of the Eternal Spring”. The violent past of the city is slowly fading away with the growing amount tourism and general development in the city. There is a very nice range of specialty stores in Medellín promoting the best of Colombia. From this base we manage a variety of high altitude farms from the Andes mountain range, North-West from Medellín towards where the Magdalena river flows towards the ocean.

Antioquia is the second biggest producing area of Colombia, and is one of the first areas to have started planting coffee trees in the past. Currently we see a mix between small and larger farmer that produce and sell coffee next to each other. In this “Classic” region we find producers willing to experiment with longer fermentation periods in their Washed process. The Andean mountains help bring a consistent growing climate and interesting vulcanic soils. High up in the mountains the colder temperatures slow down the riping of the bean. Remarkable: The Antioquia bean is one of the densest beans we are finding in Colombia at the moment.

our partners

Giraldo Buying Station

The Coffee Quest Colombia took the traditional buying station model, but is adding a Quality Lab to focus on quality. The idea is to incorporate sensorial characteristics into the buying decision, next to looking at the physical aspects of the coffee beans. To do so, The Coffee Quest places a trained cupper (taster) to oversee the buying activities.

Vampiro Finca Cocondo

The Coffee Quest has been working closely with Luis Emilio over the last years. Clients that visit our office in Medellín are often taken to finca Cocondo due to it’s proximity and the amazing feel. Unlike other coffee farms, you sense the respect for nature, you see and hear the flora and fauna that live in cohesion with the coffee trees.