Santa Maria View Mountains


Cup profile: Vibrant acidity, medium body, sweet, milk chocolate with occasional citric and raisin notes, and fruity, caramel aroma.

The coffee producing region Huila has been at the forefront of Colombian specialty coffee for some while. This Southern region is located next to the alongside the Andes Mountains and the Los Navados Volcano. The southern regions are one step closer to the equator, making it possible to grow in areas above 2000 m.a.s.l. The presence of rivers and beautiful natural reserves make this a hidden area of beauty, with many micro-climates. The large population smallholder farmers, with average of 1,5 – 2,0 hectare per family, is spread out across the very steap slopes. During a typical drive through the Huila mountains you will find “Marquesinas” or Solar Dryers hanging over steep edges. The Colombian smallholder will typically process from cherry to dried parchment, taking care of both the wet milling and the drying. 

The long history of guerilla in the area has influenced many lives and have kept many coffee producers out of sight from the international coffee sector. With a growing access to export markets there is good hope to improve living income, and leaving the past behind. Interesting fact; the region of Huila receive the Denomination of Origin status in 2013, which hold a similar status to the Champagne region in France or other known food & drinks inherit to a geographic area. 

our partners

la victoria

In 2017, we were contacted though facebook by a Colombian woman living in the US who asked if we were interested in trying some coffee from her native village high in the mountains of Huila. Sure, we said, a little intrigued. And a few weeks later a young guy rang the doorbell of our office in Medellin with in his arms a huge bag with more than 25 samples. Andrés was the representative of the Association La Victoria in Santa Maria, he had spent 18 hours in a night-bus to meet us personally.

El Paraïso

His best quality is 100% Caturra, but also the Castillo lots are scoring excellent. The coffee is processed at approx. 1804 m.a.s.l. in small solar dryers and sold as seperate varieties. In the next few years his volume of Caturra is expected to increase with about 5000 trees. All the small trees (see  photos) will reach maturation and improve his position to finance the daily operations of the farm.

Santa Maria Buying Station

The Coffee Quest Colombia took the traditional buying station model, but is adding a Quality Lab to focus on quality. The idea is to incorporate sensorial characteristics into the buying decision, next to looking at the physical aspects of the coffee beans. A lot of work, but it allows us to pay the farmer relative to the actual quality of their coffee.

coffee origen

Coffee Origen is an association of 109 Colombian coffee growers organically certified in accordance to United States, European and Japanese standards. All of the coffee growers are from the South of Colombia, in Huila, in the following regions: Isnos, San Agustin, Acevedo and Pitalito. In total, the group grows on 272 Hectares of land and between the main and mid-harvest, have the capacity to produce over 30 containers of organic coffee per year!