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Costa Rica is among The Coffee Quest’s first origin countries. In 2016, Michiel got in touch with several farmers in Tarrazu, the famous coffee region. Now several years later we already see a different Costa Rica. Traditionally each region will have several larger cooperatives and estates collecting cherries at local access points. The cherry price is set on a national level for each “fanega” delivered (the local volume measurement). However, the producer landscape is slowly shifting, as the total production volume is diminishing across the country. Urbanization and market prices have caused farmers find another purpose or change their traditions.

In the last decade we have seen several producers successfully move into processing their own cherries on a small scale. Good examples are Beneficio Las Lajas and Hacienda Sonora, who moved fully into specialty coffee. By exercising close quality control in their wet & dry milling process they managed to add significant value to their product. The success of others has sparked a real movement towards the Micro Mill concept. Driving through Tarrazu, you will see small household operations processing their own cherry to receive higher prices. In our Seasonal offer you will see new options each season, clean and exiting cup profiles from regions Tarrazu, West-Valley, Central-Valley and Turrialba. The Coffee Quest aims to provide at least one Classic lot with Hacienda Candelaria, a larger estate with beautiful consistent quality. An excellent option to counter the overall rising price levels in Costa Rica.


Hacienda Sonora

We have been steadily chosing either a Honey or Natural lot from Hacienda Sonora as part of our Seasonal assortment. Each harvest we look for the highest quality possible quality. The coffees can be characterized as fruity and friendly, introducing a soft influence from fermentation together with fully present fruity tones.

M&M 'Pura Vida'

This relatively new Micro Mill is managed by coffee veteran Roberto Mata, his son Michael, and the rest of the family. The Mill works to process the coffee from several family members in Dota area, one of the famous coffee places in the mountaineous region of Tarrazu (correctly pronounced “Tar-rah-zoo”).

las lajas

The Las Lajas visit was part of the agenda during the first origin trip to Costa Rica in 2016. The explanations from Oscar back then opened our eyes to the micro mill culture and Costa Rican specialty. The uniqueness of the profiles became appearent, Las Lajas quickly became part of The Coffee Quest assortment.

hacienda candelaria

The 60 hectare estate was established in 1965 by Otto Kloeti and still today is managed as family business. They have high drive to produce high quality coffee at a larger scale, introducing the Honey process and trying out to new varieties.

union de cafetaleros

In 2017, we received several samples from Undecaf on suggestion from our exporter. These beautiful Tarrazú lots are initially dried in raised beds outside and afterwards moved to the controlled environment of their greenhouse.

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Coffee facts - costa rica

Coffee production in Costa Rica is so important that laws have been passed to ensure its species and quality.