M&M 'Pura Vida' Micro mill​

This relatively new Micro Mill is managed by coffee veteran Roberto Mata,  his son Michael, and the rest of the family. The Mill works to process the coffee from several family members in Dota area, one of the famous coffee places in the mountaineous region of Tarrazu (correctly pronounced “Tar-rah-zoo”). In February ’19 we had the chance to visit and the the Micro Mill at the end of the harvest period. We were received warmly and pleasantly surprised by the amount of raised beds on the terrain of the Mill.

Roberto and his family all work together to get everything done throughout the harvest season. With every question we ask, we start understanding the attention to detail they use during the post-harvest production. All processes are measured, and efficiently organized, leaving nothing open to chance. At M&M they are keen on standardizing with the idea to re-produce there specialty lots. Just behind their processing facility they have a small cupping space and beautifully organized sample cabinet. All of the lots are processed on raised beds, focussing purely on honey and natural lots. The metal tables and shadow nets provide the cover needed during the hottest period of the day. To create perfection in humidity, they use mechenical dryers to lower the last percentages of humidity to the correct level for export. 


seasonal category

catuaí, caturra

average 1650-1950 m.a.s.l.

honey, natural