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Las Delicias is the beautiful farm from the Muralles family established in 2012 in the Palencia area, not far from Guatemala City. The area is different from the other “coffee only” regions, like for example Huehuetenango. There is a larger variety in crops cultivated, and more ranches with cattle. Creating the image of traditional farm houses you might find in Southern Europe. While talking to Manolo and his father Samuel, we’ve noticed how thoroughly they work. Not only do they use traceability for each lot and different processing methods, they also work together closely with their neighboring farms to help them improve their quality. These are very passionate people! For every question we ask we get an answer full of ideas about how to preserve nature and improve quality. Their vision is to produce coffees of scores in the 90+ in the upcoming years, and to do using fully organic production methods. The farm is 9Ha with 7Ha of coffee area. In the future we expect to see the farm growing because there are some interesting plots of land around the farm, perfect for growing quality coffee. The transition to fully organic, makes them pioneers in the area, but as Las Delicias is just a small farm we don’t expect to see a certification any time soon. What we do expect soon is some very delicious coffee. 

Find out more information on the use of effective microorganisms by Las Delicias in the article  by Perfect Daily Grind: Producer Insight, Organic Coffee Farming in Guatemala

collaboration & quality

Our friends at Caffe Dolce Alchemia Coffee Roasters in Amsterdam made initial contact with Manolo Murales from Las Delicias. We cupped a cold cup leftover from the cupping table from earlier that afternoon, and we were sold in an instant. The natural lot boasted a super clean cup with clear notes of berries. The contact was made with Manolo to find out more about Las Delicias and to organise the first import to Europe. 

Over the years we have had the pleasure to receive both Washed and Natural lots. The high altitude, top varieties and careful post-harvest methods, limit the total output and create a focus on quality. The total harvest is between 15-25 bags, of which only a few Naturals. All of the lots are dried in the small greenhouse where they can control the temperature with induced airflow. Las Delicias continues experimenting with new methods of dry fermentation as well. Each year we find it hard to analyse the Las Delicias Washed lot, as the coffee needs almost a month more than others to rest and really open up. Patience is a virtue!


catisic & tekisic

1800-2000 m.a.s.l.

Washed & natural