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Right on the border with Honduras you will find a several coffee families that have been working with specialty coffee for over a decade. Friso, one of The Coffee Quest’s founders, worked in for the Peralta family for over two harvest seasons. The northern province of Nueva Segovia has an interesting history of Spanish and native influence. The normally quite towns come to life when the coffee season starts in December, as seasonal workers start spending money again. Together with the local passion for horse festivals, you will experience a “cowboy” feeling in a completely unique way. It’s along the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range where you will find El Bosque (“The Forrest”) and Santa Maria de Lourdes, the farms from cousins Julio & Octavio Peralta. The family has managed to stay in coffee all throughout of Nicaragua’s turbulent last century, even after their farms were taken and formed the stage for guerrilla warfare.

Two hours south we find Jinotega, a small city surrounded by the mountains creating a low temperature at night and warm days. This is where Gold Mountain has been working towards creating opportunities for small Nicaraguan farmers. Each year they continue working on standardizing quality practices for picking and post-harvest. 


peralta family​

The Peralta's have been with The Coffee Quest since the beginning, working on getting their Strictly High Grown and "farm plot" micro lots to the European market. The relation started several years back after co-founder Friso spend two full seasons working at the Peralta Mill in the North of Nicaragua.​

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Coffee facts - Nicaragua

In the last year, Nicaragua produced about 2.1 million 60 kg bags of green coffee. This is just 1.4% of the world’s coffee production.