Expocaccer – Guaranteed quality in Cerrado Mineiro


In the wide complex network of Brazilian coffee farms, the cooperative Expocaccer is the point of reference for both coffee farmers and buyers. By recognizing and creating value for the coffee coming from the unique region of Cerrado Mineiro. They actually support and represent members in the market and provide what is needed to facilitate the negotiations across the coffee supply chain. 

Born in 1993 as a storage facility with a capacity of 180 thousand bags, Expocaccer grew bigger and bigger over the years and soon reached surprising numbers. Currently, this cooperative is able to handle more than 1 million bags and to export to 29 different countries, moreover to be present on 5 different continents. It was in 1999 that they made a big step forward, by combining storage services with a commercial purpose to the local and foreign market. Even if they focused on specialty coffee only in 2020, they can rely on an exclusive competence to receive, store, prepare, and export coffee, handling 8 thousand bags per day.

They employ 199 people at Expocaccer Cooperativa dos Cafeicultores do Cerrado and receive coffee bags from 649 growers from the region on regular basis. 

Expocaccer is committed to quality, for this reason, they provide training and workshops for their workers. They hold programs specifically focused on quality, such as the “Journey of Quality”, or competitions as The “Campeoes Expocaccer”, which is a sort of a seal for all the work done for aiming at the best quality. 

In their own Dry Mill facility they are able to separate the beans through a stone picker according to their size. The beans above screen 16 passed first through the densimetric sorter and following through an electronic system to detect the defects. The process is repeated as many times as necessary to meet the customer’s standard. Afterwards, they pack the samples in customized packaging and send them to the coffee growers’ federation to validate the score. Afterwards the coffee is packed in the presence of our partners, The Coffee Quest Brasil.

The coffees produced in the Cerrado Mineiro Region are coffees consistent in quality, resulting from the combination of dry climate, soil, relief, altitude, and competence. This is why this coffee is certified with the denomination of origin, which is a territory demarcation for producing a product that has unique characteristics, and that cannot be found anywhere else. 


Expocaccer is motivated  by improving is one of their greatest challenge: finding a balance between the producers’ desires to sell and the market’s demands. At Expocaccer, farmers know that once they bring their coffee, they will receive regular feedback on quality.  Having a direct and good relationship with farmers is fundamental to add value to coffee and build trust and transparency. Thanks to a high standard they are able to ensure quality, transparency, and traceability of coffee across the supply chain.  




In building its business, Expocaccer is promoting the care of the environment among their members. This includes sustainable practices to respect people and the planet. In our interview with Expocaccer they mention ethics, excellence, transparency, credibility, quality, innovation, sustainability, and solidity as the values of the cooperative. 

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