Robinson Rozo from Finca El Vergel – The Huila Revelation


Young and motivated, Robinson Rozo is one of our revelations. His dedication and 100% Geisha specialism has led him to win the 2020 Huila Mágico Competition. He represents the younger generation willing to invest effort and time into producing high quality coffee. What you certainly find in a cup of coffee from Finca El Vergel. 

Based in Algeciras, Huila, Finca El Vergel is now run by Robinson Rozo, but this family farm has been producing coffee for over 30 years. It sits at an altitude of approximately 1.920 meters above sea level and extends for a total area of 68 hectares, of which 15 ha. are only dedicated to coffee plants. 

Robinson Rozo was trained in coffee processing at a young age. He owes his skills to his father, Libardo Roso, and to El Sena, one of the local technical schools where his father also attended. Their passion for coffee is outstanding. Before starting growing his own trees, Robison first learned how to cup and worked hard with his father on Caturra plants.



In many Colombian coffee families, each child will inherit a piece of land to manage and grow their own coffee varieties. With a total of 41.500 planted trees, you can find a number of varieties, such as: Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Typica, Catimor and Geisha. In his area, Robinson Rozo has plants which are 100% Geisha. Out of curiosity he recently dared to buy a farm nearby to grow 2.000 trees of Java.  Finca El Vergel will still perform all post-harvest activities for the new land. 

During his Washed process, he takes two days to pick each lot, which one part is fermented for 36 hours and the second part (picked on the next day) is fermented for 12hours. Then they are blended together. They are depulped and fermented anaerobically in bags for 26 hours. Then it’s washed and dried during 20-25 days, depending on the climate conditions. The Natural lots are floated, also fermented in bags, but for 36hrs. Afterwards it’s dried 100% in the marquesina (greenhouse tent on picture) for around 30 days.


Our relationship with Robinson’s family is not new. In the past indeed, his father produced many Caturra lots, but at that time Rozo’s family was not interested in producing specialty coffee. Over the past few years we lost contact with Robinson but now we are thrilled to have re-built our collaboration and we are looking forward to straightening it towards future harvest! 


Besides the hectares of coffee plants, El Vergel counts an additional 18 hectares of forest reserve. What draws us to invest in this young entrepreneur is his commitment for the land and his willingness to grow by aiming at combining tradition and innovation, in a new hope for the future. 

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