Finca Las Brisas in Huila, Colombia

Finca las Brisas is located in Santa Maria, Huila, Colombia and is managed by Paulino Quintero. The farm is located at an elevation of 1,780 m.a.s.l. and consists of a total of 2 hectares with approximately 2,000 trees of Caturra, 3,000 trees of variety Colombia, 1,200 trees of Castillo and 1,000 trees of Pacamara. All of Paulino’s varieties and lots are separated so that we can evaluate each one individually. He usually processes his coffee by allowing a first fermentation in cherries for 24 hours, followed by another 72 hours after de-pulped in open cans. For his Castillo, however, he uses the same process but allows 24 hours of fermentation in cherries and 84 hours after de-pulping.

Paulino is one of our “Productores del Futuro” (Producers of the Future), which means that he is part of a special group of coffee producers who have a close commercial relationship with The Coffee Quest, and who receive additional benefits such as higher prices and participation in various social and educational programs. 

Huila Mágico - 3rd Edition Runner-up

Among these programs, Finca Las Brisas is one of the farms where The Coffee Quest is experimenting and developing fermentation processes with yeasts and microorganisms in the hope of improving the quality of the coffee, with a particular focus on those varieties known for offering lower cup quality. He is also part of our sustainability program, where he receives training on how to implement more environmentally friendly practices.

He is one of the few producers to have an eco-washer; traditional washers use up to 45 liters of water per kilogram of dried parchment coffee, but the eco-washer uses only about 15% to 20% of the water for the same kilogram of dried coffee!

With the help of The Coffee Quest’s agronomist, he has also built a compost pit and is learning how to make the most of his organic waste to provide better nutrition for his coffee plants. 
We love working with Paulino, his passion and commitment to coffee is a true example of the future of coffee!

“I’m happy with specialty coffee production, I don’t need a lot of land or to have a huge harvest. My small farm, if well managed, can provide for my family and give me a comfortable life. It’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart and following my passion”. 

His son, now 21, is following in his father’s footsteps. After attending our first edition of the Coffee Camp, he feels even more motivated and wants to take steps towards innovation in the specialty coffee industry. 

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