Finca Las Flores, from Urrao, Antioquia.

Finca Las Flores is located in the “vereda” Pavón in Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia, and is managed by Augusto Urrego, a 38-year-old, third-generation coffee grower, and his family. The farm consists of 1 hectare of land, sitting at an elevation of 1,900 m.a.s.l, with around 3,000 coffee trees in production of the Chiroso variety.

Augusto processes his coffee by harvesting the ripest cherries and de-pulping them the same day. Parchment is then submerged in water in tiled tanks and fermented for 100 hours straight, before being washed. The coffee is then placed in raised beds to dry for around 8-12 days, depending on the weather.

Flowers Blooming in Urrao….

Augusto inherited coffee growing from his father, and grandparents before him. He’s been at the helm of the family farm for decades now, with the help of his siblings, and has perfected his craft with every harvest.

The farm also produces avocado, and thanks to their determination, the Urrego family is taking their coffee game to the next level, with the sow of 600 new Chiroso trees that will enter production next year! 

We started working with Augusto and Finca Las Flores in 2024, and their traditional approach is admirable.

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Curating the finest green coffee from skilled farmers is just the first step on our process towards quality, collaboration and traceability. Each sip carries the spirit of traceability, showcasing the journey from the field to your cup. As you relish the flavors, you’re embarking on a sensory expedition through the best green beans from Colombia, experiencing the character of this traceable origin coffee. Elevate your coffee adventure and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Colombian coffee.

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