Finca Naranja – The hard work of Manuel Aguilar

Manuel on his finca


Finca Naranja is located in La Democracia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Here Manuel Velazquez Aguilar and his family manage and live on the farm. Manuel has spent his life growing high-quality coffee as he belongs to the third generation of coffee growers.

In 1985, Manuel’s grandparents bought the land and up until then, the farm has mostly been used for forestry, and only minimally for the planting and harvesting of coffee. So since then, the Aguilar family worked hard to push more coffee production.

Nowadays, 7.5 hectares of the land are used for coffee plantations, and for some citrus and avocado trees. During the harvest season, which ranges from December to March, workers join Manuel’s family working and living on the farm.

Manuel is proud of his coffee beans and the development his family business has been going through. The Coffee Quest is excited to support them in their journey towards further development!



Huehuetenango is the region of Guatemala known for the highest altitudes in the country to grow coffee, Manuel’s cherries grow at an altitude of 1,500 to 1,600 metre above sea level. Manuel is carefully taking care of his coffee. The coffee is fully washed and fermented for 24 hr. The coffee is dried on the patio.

The cup profile of the Caturra/Bourbon we got on offer is defined by citrussy and fruity tones. You will find yourself being reminded of the tastes of blood orange, pineapple and blackberry. 


“I want the roaster to know that the coffee we produce has been grown in a very special way and with love for generations for the sustenance of family economics.” – Manuel Velasquez Aguilar 

The coffee from Finca Naranja shows the dedication, love and hard work of Manuel and his family. It also highlights the importance of fair and ethical pricing of coffee as the livelihood of families depend on it. Especially in Central America, small-holders experience the challenge of labour exploitation, unfair pricing and unfair work conditions. This is an issue that The Coffee Quest is trying to combat in collaboration with small businesses like the one Manuel has. The development of a transparent value chain is one of our main missions.


The Coffee Quest is striving towards more sustainable practices. Here, working with small, family businesses that are directed at high-quality specialty coffee is of importance. In Guatemala, we are working together with San Miguel Coffees whose focus, just like ours at The Coffee Quest, includes sustainability and transparency. We are proud to work with organisations like San Miguel and small producers like Manuel and his family to continue our mission: building a sustainably priced value chain.

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