Meet Jorge Elías Rojas of Finca El Jardín.

Juan Cañas
Juan Cañas

From Bag Handler, to Coffee Innovator...

Jorge Elías Rojas is a fourth-generation coffee grower on his way to making history in the coffee industry. His farm, Finca El Jardin, is located in Planadas, Tolima, Colombia, and is a haven to a diverse range of coffee varieties. 

With an average of 4,000 Caturra, 7,000 Yellow Colombia, 1,000 Pink Bourbon, 800 Wush Wush, and 1,000 Geisha coffee trees spread across 3 hectares of land, Jorge is always striving to improve the quality of his coffee, and his community’s.

Jorge’s journey in coffee began at 13 years old. His mother gave him the opportunity to work on the farm, and actually found himself working as a bag handler for quite a while.

As he grew in experience, and learned everything he needed to know to run a coffee farm, he found himself inheriting part of his father’s farm, and bought part of his neighbor’s land, founding what is now known as Finca El Jardin.

Ever since 2016, when Jorge was introduced to specialty coffee, he has been experimenting with new ways to improve his cup quality. He developed his own fermentation and drying process which, as always, starts with a very strict selection of coffee cherries during harvest season.

Jorge’s dedication to producing high-quality coffee hasn’t gone unnoticed. He created his own brand, La Roca, and is currently building a wet mill since he plans to buy and process coffee cherries from his neighbors. His dream is to become a renowned producer in his region, and hopes that his son of 10 years old, will become the next generation of coffee farmers, carrying on the legacy of this craft.

If you’re looking for a truly outstanding coffee experience, be sure to try the coffee from Finca El Jardin. Jorge Rojas’ dedication and vocation to producing an always-improving coffee is visible in every cup, and his innovative approach to coffee production is sure to turn heads.

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