Hernan Dario Montenegro from La Primavera in Huila


La Primavera or “Spring” is one of the first single farm lots coming in through the Santa Maria station. Hernan Dario Montenegro came into contact through a friend, since then he has participated in the trainings, showing a special interest in topics surrounding fermentation. At the farm they aim to produce 100% of quality.

"Because the farm is life and love, and as a coffee producer I like the work" - Hernan D. Montenegro

The farm La Primavera was bought from their parents in 2015 and he continues to work and live their with his family. His wife is in charge of the household and managing the post-harvest process for the coffee. 

Each day Hernan gets up at at 5:30 am, when his wife prepares him a good coffee. He sets out at 6 am, and returns at 8 am for breakfast. He works the field until 5 o’clock, taking a lunch break of course. The full weight of the kilos that is collected is kept as a record, as well as all the hours of processing the coffee. He keeps this up throughout the harvest, only lowering his hours after the season is over. The same hours work for some of his seasonal employees that enter the fields at 6am with him.


The coffee from Hernan has a slightly different character than other neighbouring farms. The combination of high altitudes of 1900 m.a.s.l. and good processing has given this lot vibrant fresh Grape notes that come out quite sweet.



The prices in La Primavera’s coffee are paid in the Santa Maria station. This is where The Coffee Quest Colombia purchases parchment coffee from smallholder farmers against fixed and transparent prices. All payments are done in relation to quality allowing farmers to be compensated for improving their processing methods.




Hernan states that he is fully dedicated to protecting the environment and that they have contructed a pit to catch the pulp from falling down the mountain. In Santa Maria station each farmer has access to knowledge for re-purposing the coffee pulp into compost.

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