Lenis Gonzalez from Buena Vista in Huila


Lenis Gonzalez is on of the producers in the network of the Pitalito station. On Buena Vista farm in Pitalito we find a passionate family who lives for coffee. Lenis Gonzalez learned producting coffee from his parents many years ago and bought his own land in Pitalito. Now he works together with his family, wife, kids and dad and about 15-20 seasonal workers.


After years of struggeling with the high production costs, Lenis nowadays gets a better price for his quality coffees. The Coffee Quest uses the Pitalito station structure to pay fixed transparent prices in relation to quality. Especially the payments for the exceptional single-farm lots, such as his Pink Bourbon or small quantities of Geisha, give him a better outlook.


The Buena Vista farm used to grow food crops, such as bananas, cassava, corn and other crops for self-consumption. Lenis focuses his efforts towards preserving water during the pulping process and reducing the amount of contaminated water for the Washing process.

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