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The Coffee Quest is a proud partner of the Care Plus® “Malaria Free World – Buy one give one campaign”, Our objective is to protect 12.000 coffee farming families, united in 24 primary cooperative in the greater Luweero area from the Malaria. In Collaboration with Care Plus® and Antony Mugoya, president of the Uganda Coffee Farmers Alliance (UCFA), The Coffee Quest is distributing moskito nets to allow effective prevention of Malaria. 

Tony and staff member Nelson, travel to cooperatives to hold farmers’ meetings to provide education, and talk about commerce. These meetings are ideal events to distribute nets, and educate on proper use and other Malaria prevention methods.  In July 2021, our Team had the chance to join Tony and Nelson, handing out 400 nets at the Makulubita and Kapeeka primary cooperative in the greater Luweero District of Uganda.

The commercial meetings are open to all cooperative members holds local significance as social and educational event. Due to COVID19, the rules have tightened, and a maximum attendance of 10 people were allowed. Among the attendees were the leaders of both cooperatives. The leaders are tasked with the distribution of the nets among the cooperative members, and to follow up on distribution. A final list is kept to see which members received a moskito net.

In our experience, the feedback from the farmers was very positive. They acknowledge for the need of good Malaria prevention, and welcome this element as part of their coffee business with UCFA. The Coffee Quest is enthusiastic to continue our support in collaboration with coffee roasters and Care Plus® to improve local malaria prevention. A desease that continues to put pressure on our value chain partners in Uganda. Good to see all 24 cooperatives are involved (12.000 members)!

Fun fact: Did you know that moskito nets with a graphic design are more effective?

Join as partner!

For every container of Robusta (20t) we trade, we want to protect 1 cooperative of around 400 members, by donating 400 moskito nets. The costs of donating 400 nets, is around €3000 at €7 per net and €200 for organizing the distribution.

As The Coffee Quest, we donate €0,05 per kilo we import, contributing €960 per container.

You can become a proud member of the “Malaria Free World – Buy one give one campaign” by: Donating €0,05 per kilo of purchased green coffee, with a minimum of €480 per contract.

Care Plus® and The Coffee Quest will support your efforts as a proud partner of the “Malaria Free World – Buy one give one campaign” by:

  • Communicating about our joint effort on social and traditional media
  • Creating a space for your effort, on the campaign website

Malaria, a global killer

Malaria is an infectious disease with highest death toll of all global diseases, and sadly mostly in children under the age of 5. The cause is a parasite which infects the bloodstream and is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, between dusk and dawn.

The main prevention methods for defeating Malaria are:

  • Clearing stagnant water around a home.
  • Sleeping under a treated Mosquito nets.

Uganda has been working towards defeating Malaria together with international partners and NGO’s for a while now, and much progress has been made to turn a bad situation in a better one. The population at risk has decreased from 50% to 20% from 2020, and death rate fell from 180 death to 60 death per 100.000 people.

But don’t be fooled, world-wide Malaria is still one of the biggest global killers. With 228.000.000 victims it’s responsible for 405.000 deaths a year, and around 40.000 deaths in Uganda. The best remedies against Malaria is prevention, and if we relax now and stop protecting people living with the risk of Malaria, it could easily bounce back up.

Read more about our net distribution projects:

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