Natural Robusta from Uganda and the Care Plus® Malaria Campaign


In Uganda, Robusta Farming accounts for 25% of the country’s export revenue to which 80% of the rural population contributes. Safe to say, growing Robusta is important to the Ugandans. 

For this Natural Robusta, we work with the Uganda Coffee Farmers Alliance (UCFA), a cooperative owned organisation with the mission to connect their members to the market. The UCFA is formed by 84 primary cooperatives, of which 24 cooperatives, counting 12.000 families, in Luweero province supply our coffee. The UCFA produces a total of 50 containers per year of all grades of Natural Robusta.


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When we started our work in Uganda this year, we were looking for opportunities in coffee to work on quality, direct-trade and leave positive impact at producers. What we learned is that Uganda hasn’t only been improving it’s coffee value chain, through venturing into direct-trade, but also that Uganda has been fighting a battle to keep it’s rural population healthy and free from Malaria.

The 12.000 farming families who produced this Natural Robusta live in the greater Luweero area, including the regions Nakaseke and Nakasongola, where infection rates hover at 20%, and the percentage of people sleeping under a net sits between 40% and 60%. Malaria is best treated by prevention, and that mean simply from preventing a mosquito from biting you at night. If you don’t get bitten, you don’t get Malaria!

That’s why, The Coffee Quest has partner up with Care Plus® in their mission to achieve a Malaria Free World by 2030. Together we aim to protect the 12.000 families, united in 24 primary cooperatives in the greater Luweero area from Malaria.

And for this, we need your help!

Become a proud partner of the “Malaria free world – Buy one Give one campaign”, and fight to protect your farmers from Malaria together with Care Plus® and The Coffee Quest.

Malaria, a global killer

Malaria is an infectious disease with highest death toll of all diseases, and sadly mostly in children under the age of 5. It is caused by a parasite which infects the bloodstream and is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, between dusk and dawn.

The main prevention methods for defeating Malaria are:

  • Clearing stagnant water around a home.
  • Sleeping under a treated Mosquito nets.

Uganda has been working towards defeating Malaria together with international partners and NGO’s for a while now, and much progress has been made to turn a bad situation in a better one. The population at risk has decreased from 50% to 20% from 2020, and death rate fell from 180 death to 60 death per 100.000 people.

But don’t be fooled, world-wide Malaria is still one of the biggest global killers. With 228.000.000 victims it’s responsible for 405.000 deaths a year, and around 40.000 deaths in Uganda. The best remedies against Malaria is prevention, and if we relax now and stop protecting people living with the risk of Malaria, it could easily bounce back up.

The Coffee Quest and Care Plus®: our first distribution of nets

With this knowledge, The Coffee Quest has partner up with Care Plus® in their mission to achieve a Malaria Free World by 2030.

In particular we focus on protecting the 12.000 families who are united in 24 cooperative in the greater Luweero region.

Care Plus® started distributing printed and treated net in 2020, and that raised our attention. In collaboration with The Uganda Coffee Farmers Alliance, we contacted Care Plus® and offered to open our network for net distribution. Our first distribution effort focused on distribution nets sponsored by Care Plus® among the members of the following cooperatives in Luweero and Nakaseke districts:

  • Makulubita Cooperative
  • Kapeeka Cooperative

After a successful distribution effort of distributing 250 nets at each cooperative during a Uganda Coffee Farmers Alliance business and training meeting, we decided to continue our work and scale up net distribution.

We invite you to join our efforts and become a proud partner of the “Malaria Free World – Buy one give one campaign”!

The Coffee Quest and Care Plus®: our 2nd net distribution

The Coffee Quest has partnered up with Care Plus® and four roasters who had joined the campaign by purchasing coffee from us. We had the opportunity to distribute 500 more nets in Mubende district in Uganda. With this, we can protect 500 more coffee-farming families in Kitenga and Kanseera Cooperatives.

Our second net distribution took place on the 11th of December 2020. Tony Moguya from the UCFA helped us organize the one-day event. Furthermore, we worked with a video production company who created this recap f the day:

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