Friends of Mother Initiative, organic production


In some cases a connection between grower and importer does not generate immediate impact. The connection The Coffee Quest feels as an immediate step in the right direction! Massa is for a large part in the commodity business which leaves little room for investment, let alone improvement. 

Through one of our clients Branderij Luijendijk we got in touch with “Friends of Mother Initiative” (FMI). Massa Frank is improving himself with SCA training and gathering the most info for finding better methods to make high quality and consistency a core in his green coffee. He is a small to medium-large exporter producing 30 containers of Fair Trade Organic commodity coffee, very much invested in his local community.

By listening to the story of Massa Frank, we realized, there is a chance of helping an organization at the beginning of big changes. Massa is transforming his company towards a specialty coffee export company. Massa has the skills and knowledge to improve quality, but he was still looking for the best steps to take. 

Friends of Mother Initiative is a company that supports farmers by buying their cherries, informing them about sustainable farming, supporting them with loans, tools and school equipment in the surrounding area. Also, FMI supports farmers with gas stoves with efficient energy transference so they don’t have to cook in the house on fire anymore.



The coffees by FMI we use at the moment floated between 82-83 points which takes it on the low end of specialty coffee. However, with the first investments that Massa Frank had received, he is establishing new tanks and new drying beds. As a result, we see the quality of his coffee going up every harvest. 

Massa Frank has served us already with some interesting flavours and showed he is able to do some really cool coffees. The aim we have for the coming years is to find these flavours in a controlled and consistent product.





There are 3 main focus points that Massa aims to develop: 1. Financial capabilities of farmers 2. Quality 3. Improve social & environmental issues. Get some insight into the projects:

– Friends of Mother Initiative has a medical scheme for their employees in case they fall sick. They support the schools in the area with materials to keep the school running. 

– Continuous training for farmers about implementing better ways of sustainable farming. 

– Learning to dose organic fertilisers correctly, counteract erosion, drying out of the soil and supplying the coffee plants with the right nutrients. All while keeping the full ecosystem running. 

Next step: Build a small cupping lab together!

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