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The Coffee Quest works with the Uganda Coffee Farmers Alliance (UCFA) for their Natural Robusta. UCFA is a cooperative and owned organization with the mission to connect its members to the market. The UCFA is formed by 84 primary cooperatives, of which 24 (counting 12.000 families) are based in Luweero province and supply our coffee. The UCFA produces a total of 50 containers per year of all grades of Natural Robusta. 

Together with UCFA, CarePlus, and other parties, The Coffee Quest is part of the Malaria-free World 2030 campaign! Watch the video below to listen to the stories…

In our last trip in 2021 to Uganda, The Coffee Quest visited UCFA and African Coffee Academy (ACA). The Academy is a coffee lab in Kampala highly specialized in training baristas and coffee people for sensory skills. Here, our Team met Victor and Dick, two coffee critics (as shown in the pictures in our gallery).

On the final day , our team participated in a cupping to calibrate our Robusta evaluation skills. A great day as we cupped all the lots of farmers we visited during our trip. Watch the video below to have a small insight of our last visit in 2021 to the ACA coffee lab and warehouse!

Robusta also known as “Coffea Canephora” originates from Western and Central Africa. The climate in Uganda has a natural fit, where Robusta production accounts for 25% of the country’s export revenue to which 80% of the rural population contributes. Safe to say, growing Robusta is important to the Ugandans.

Quality and consistency are difficult to maintain every harvest in a business that is driven solely by quantity. We realized this is our challenge and during our visit in 2021, together with the staff of the ACA, we initiated a quality assurance protocol that will make sure the coffee is checked, sampled, and cupped before bagging and shipping to Europe. Only by doing this, we can confirm or deny the quality right at the beginning of the chain.

To buy a full container (320 bags of 60kg), the ACA staff will take random samples from each bag of around 30% of the entire lot. To evaluate the coffee for defect the lot is cupped with at least 30 cups! Any taint or full defect in a cup will result in the rejection of the lot. The full container will need to be replaced or re-processed depending on the defects. 

This strict way of working allows us to provide a consistent product that is above the threshold of our focus quality.





The Coffee Quest has been looking for opportunities to connect the Robusta trade and leave a positive impact with producers. Uganda has been improving its coffee value chain through direct exports, but it’s an uphill battle to keep its rural population healthy and free from Malaria.

The 12.000 farming families who produced the Natural Robusta live in the greater Luweero area, including the regions Nakaseke and Nakasongola, where infection rates aproximate 20% and the percentage of people sleeping under a net sits between 40% and 60%. Malaria is best treated by prevention. If you don’t get bitten, you don’t get Malaria!

That’s why The Coffee Quest has partnered up with Care Plus® in their mission to achieve a Malaria Free World by 2030. Together we aim to protect the 12.000 families, united in 24 primary cooperatives in the greater Luweero area from Malaria. For this, we need your help!

Become a proud partner of the “Malaria-free world – Buy one Give one campaign”, and fight to protect your farmers from Malaria together with Care Plus® and The Coffee Quest.

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