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Everything you need to know to select coffee like a pro.

Welcome to the offerlist of The Coffee Quest Europe! The list below shows the real-time (expected) availability in the warehouse in Zoeterwoude in The Netherlands. Minimum order quantity is 1 unit. Look for the unit size in the sheet. To improve the view, click the "Download Offerlist" button. What categories do we have?

  1. Classic: Relationship coffee for a roaster's fixed assortment. By purchasing higher volumes from our trusted suppliers, we are able to keep price and quality stable. All lots have a balanced cup profile and accessible prices. Volume discount on orders of 10+ bags per lot.
  2. Seasonal: Each season we provide a new selection of specialty lots from all of our origin countries. The list is frequently updated with new lots of high-end specialty, chosen based on complexity, cup score and colourful cup profiles.

When is the coffee available? Check out the different conditions.

  • SPOT: This coffee is immediately available for delivery from warehouse in Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands.
  • Expected: The lot has been purchased and on it's on the way from origin to the warehouse in The Netherlands.
  • My Quest: This coffee is free to "Add to Container" based on the quantity you order. 

Get the perfect sample package delivered to your doorstep.

How can I order samples?

To order samples, please contact us at we@thecoffeequest.com. Make sure to communicate us your address, the correct reference number of each coffee, or simply ask us for advise to put a package together. We would be more then happy to get in touch and discuss your coffee needs.

How does my package look like?

Green coffee samples are available upon request. Standard sample size is 100 grams green beans. Please indicate if you need another sample size. Do you want to receive the samples roasted? Make sure to add this to you request. Standard sample size is 50 grams of roasted coffee. Keep in mind it takes a few extra work days to do so. 

Don't want to miss out on any of the new harvest coffee coming in?

Our account managers will be more than happy to help setup and initial customer profile. This information will help to provide the right coffee the moment we first cup it. Feel free to ask additional questions!

All you need to know about getting your favorite coffee bags delivered.

Payment: All prices are excl. VAT, and payment before delivery. After payment confirmation we will prepare the coffee for delivery, or provide a Release document that states when and where to pick up the coffee. Let us know at least 1 day in advance to prepare the order.

Transport: We quote pallet transport door-to-door within Europe. Please get in touch for re-exporting options outside the EU. 

Pallets and packaging: All pallets are wrapped and strapped safely. We work with EURO pallets (max. 10 bags), which will be invoiced for € 12,50. Mini-pallets (max. 3 bags) can be requested at a costs of €7,50.

Reservation on contract:

  • Take a SPOT contract to reserve a coffee up to 6 months.
  • Take a DIRECT contract  to reserve Expected or MyQuest lots. The coffee can be picked up for distribution iwithin 1 month after arrival date.
  • Take a DELIVERY contract to setup multiple deliveries and plan your distribution.