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Order info

Prices: Prices are ex-VAT, and subject to confirmation.

SPOT: All the coffee located in our warehouse in Zoeterwoude.

Direct! program: Buy early on basis of offer sample to guarantee freshness and exclusivity. We don’t calculate warehousing and use a lower margin for attractive pricing. All coffee is collectible and payable within one month of arrival.

Samples: Green coffee samples are available upon request. Standard sample size is 100 grams. Please indicate if you need another sample size or roasted.

MOQ: Minimum order quantity is one packaging unit. We can organize efficient transport of low volumes.

PAYMENT: For first time buyers, we ask for an advance payment before delivery.

TRANSPORT: We quote transport door to door worldwide. For FCL’s directly from origin to your door, please contact us.

PALLETS AND PACKAGING: All pallets are wrapped and strapped. We work with EURO pallets (max. 10 bags), which will be invoiced for € 12,50. Small pallets can be requested for delivery up to 3 bags. If you use the pool system, please indicate it with your order

Direct! Program

Are you planning to for upcoming months and need fresh coffee? We specialize in tailoring coffees and finding the exact coffee you need by offering a continuously changing assortment of stock-lots in origin.

Our The Coffee Quest DIRECT! Program offers you the benefit of lower prices and a large choice of coffees to choose from at the very beginning of every new coffee season. Each year we aim to import at least one container of fresh coffee, and will add your chosen lot to the container. We have strong relationships with each origin we supply, visiting our partners and producers personally each year to guarantee quality, reliability and short supply-lines. This means lower prices for you, and higher returns for the producers.


Exporting from colombia & Guatemala

Are you interested in container loads straight from origin? We can help you with that too. We have our own export companies in Colombia and Guatemala and very reliable partners in other countries we work with. 

All the SPOT Coffees offered on our website are directly available in our warehouses in the Netherlands. The Coffee Quest delivers orders generally within a week. Transportation costs vary widely depending on destination and weight. But rest assured, we always do our best to find the cheapest reliable way to get you your coffee. If possible we’ll come and bring it ourselves!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line at: