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The Circle of Excellence

The “Circle of Excellence” program gives farmers production and processing upgrading methods, tools and guidelines. By focusing quality on the farm level, we build on the knowledge which form the basis for achieving specialty coffee. We see Cameroon as a rough diamond, with a lot of potential to uncover. Through The Coffee Quest, roasters can help and collaborate with village based “Circle of Excellence” groups, to create a joined approach, product and identity. This way, through collaborative partnership, farmers reach all the way into consumer markets, and roasters have desired influence at origin. The post-harvest processes are the responsibility of Cameroon Boyo. We focus on milling, sorting, storage and working conditions. With your participation, each season we will be able to connect more villages, supply innovatively processed quality lots, and build a sector of specialty coffee co-professionals with the people, for the people.

Update 2018

Build A Washing Station With Us

In our eyes, the Cameroon Boyo project is revolutionizing the way small-scale farmers can participate in global supply chains, linking the producers directly with markets. To improve quality standards, Cameroon Boyo built a pilot washing station in Belo Acha, to experiment with techniques and setup. They have achieved excellent results in both quality, farmer participation and professionalism, and are ready for the next step. in 2017 we will build 2 more washing stations. We could do this alone, but where is the fun in that? We offer you the chance to participate by investing in a washing station. You can steer it’s production and are entitled to a part of the output by receiving first choice and a discount. Another option is to receive dividends on the coffee we sell for you. Either way it will pay back your investment in full. More importantly; Your direct and personal participation in a rural coffee growing community is priceless in terms of development impact, coffee quality and friendships. Let’s talk and start building a future!

Project: Building The Second Washing Station

Location: Village Sho

Starting date: August 2017

Harvest: October to December

The Conscious Robusta project.

Other than it’s Arabica counter-part, Robusta is often seen as low quality non-specialty coffee. However Robusta is used in some of the world’s most successful coffee blends and beverages. The farmers hard work in Robusta production in the current market is not recognized. With the conscious Robusta Program, The Coffee Quest and Cameroon Boyo collaborate with Robusta Farmers to create a clean and high quality product against a better price. Just like the Cameroon Boyo Arabica ``Circle of Excellence`` Program, the farmers also invest in their own development and are paid a fair price depending of the lot’s quality. It’s a virtuous circle, the quality, the producers' knowledge, and fair trade direct market linkages between Roasters and Farmers are increasing every year.