Hi Guys,

Greetings from Costa Rica. I’m currently on origin trip to visit producers like Las Lajas and CoopeTarrazu, with which whom we had the pleasure of working with last season, and to visit new producers in Costa Rica and Guatemala to see what they have in stall.

Currently I’m being Hosted by Pia and Teo, my old university friends, and Pia’s lovely mom, Zetty in Alajuela.

Yesterday I visited our logistical partner, Coricafé and we spoke about the current season. This season, the Middle American crop is slightly delayed due to weather conditions. In Costa Rica, hot weather and low rainfall put an initial strain on production estimates, but luckily the crop recovered and there should be enough to go round!

We did an extensive cupping of Coricafé’s affiliated micro-mills. Among the coffee on the table was the number 5 of the CoE 2015, El Diamante, a coffee processed by using Anaerobic Fermentation techniques. Last year I also cupped it, and honoustly, could really recognise what I was cupping. This year I singled it out as the best coffee on the table, and knew what it was without even seeing the label (*ahum..proudness).

Also we took a look at their new vacuum pack equipment! With that we can deliver ultra fresh high quality lost in small quantities all year long!

In a few days I’ll collect my friend Friso, currently at work in Nicaragua, and we’ll be on our way to La Minita and Las Lajas Estates!

Stay Tuned!



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