Eduardo on Pedra Petra

Eduardo F. de Sousa from Fazenda Pedra Preta in Mantiquiera


Eduardo Ferreira de Sousa is the owner of Fazenda Pedra Preta, which has been in the family for almost 50 years, and has been passed down through three generations. Coffee cultivation on the farm started in the 1980s when Mauro Mendes Ferreira (Eduardo’s grandfather) purchased the property to begin his dream of growing coffee. The land held significant sentimental value to  Mauro as he had been visiting ever since he was a small child when he used  to cross the farm on horseback every day to travel to school. He embodied an authentic Gentleman of Mantiqueira  de Minas, often spending hours upon hours contemplating the mountains and landscape of the region on the farm. When Mauro had the opportunity to acquire the property, he began his dream of planting his very own coffee roots in the land he had desired for over 40 years.  

The seeds of the coffee-growing tradition in the Capistrano Ferreira  family were sewn far before the beginning of Fazenda Pedra Preta. For more than 100 years, across five generations, the knowledge and heritage of coffee production has been developed and passed down, forming a comprehensive  understanding of the particularities within the Mantiqueira micro region. This has created a historical basis for agronomical practices across decades. In more recent years, Eduardo has combined this legacy with modern technologies and innovative practices that  encompass ecological preservation. Eduardo wrote his Masters Thesis on the subject of Agroforestry, and is now putting this theory into practice on his own farm. 

The green oasis of the agroforestry plot can be seen from down the road”

Eduardo Ferreira de Sousa. 



Eduardo has an agroforestry lot which will be ready to harvest in 2021, but until then he has worked hard in the last two years to create his first batch of 58 bags of specialty coffee. Pedra Preta’s Transition Coffee offers good sweetness, and a classic full-bodied undertone. By creating a long-term relationship with Eduardo, he will be able to risk more coffee to make specialty lots. The rest of his harvest is contracted every year for the internal market. A price that is related to the volatile New York C-market.

Pedra Preta’s Transition Coffee offers high-quality, sustainable coffee lots designed for consistency. 


We are working on a premium based model for clients to get involved in the agroforestry project. €99 premium is paid per bag to realize the Agroforestry project.




The Tropicália Agroforestry System, is a form of land management using intercropping, where (fruit) trees and shrubs are combined with cash crops (coffee) to create a multi layered ecosystem, keeping the soil protected. This innovative new system aims to create a sustainable alternative to monoculture, combatting the ever present threats from climate change, as well as reversing the effects of deforestation. The outcome after 2 years using this system has been overwhelmingly positive, with benefits including; regulated temperatures, pest and disease outbreaks avoided & improved soil quality. 

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