Meet the producer: Quintas de Guimarães


During our trip to Cerrado Mineiro in June ’19, we had a short visit visit to Quintas de Guimarães from the Adauto Guimarães family. True agriculture professionals that have succeeded in producing 6 other high quality crops outside of Arabica coffee. The farm is right next to a small mountain range cald Serra do Salitre, which is blocking humidity, but generates water that springs in the hills. Excellent attributes that create a small micro-climate that works well for coffee production and processing. When you enter the farm you pass through a scene from the movie Gladiator with weed fields and cotton fields, with old lonely trees spread around. A beautiful and most of all surreal feeling.

Unfortunately we only had 30 minutes to talk with Chico from Quintas, but we had a chance to see the operation, the scale and proffesionality of his processing. The coffee is harvested, washed, fermented, dried, and even milled in the same farm. Chico’s family take a lot of pride in their work, and look for knowledge on producing “quality in scale” in different parts of the world.

Afterwards we were pleasantly surprised to taste some of his micro lots which he processes by hand (see photo). It means that within the larger setting for volume he is able to seperate a specific process to get high quality lots. Beautiful, almost rum-like acidities, while maintaining the dark chocolate profile from the Cerrado Mineiro. This is good reason to keep an eye out for the coffees from Chico, I’m sure we will see more next year!

Red Catuaí & Yellow Catuaí
950-1050 m.a.s.l.
Washed & Natural

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