Rutger’s Aeropress recipe for Christmas

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Happy holidays!

My name is Rutger and I work at quality control. As a Christmas special, I’m sharing my favourite Aeropress recipe. But first, I will give you a brief summary of my history with the Aeropress. I have been aeropressing since I was just a little boy and the Aeropress has always been a big part of my life. My mother remembered that I was already aeropressing natural Ethiopia’s in my milk bottle before I could even walk.

Last year was the pinnacle of my Aeropress career as I became one of the top 50 aeropressers of The Netherlands at the Dutch Aeropress Championships. There were only 50 competitors and I got kicked out of the first round but you get the message. 

The recipe

For this recipe, I used the natural Ethiopia Limu from Mr Mansur (ET20117). The flavour notes are apricot, milk chocolate and ice tea!

  1. Grind 20g of coffee (coarse)
  2. Invert the Aeropress and put the coffee in
  3. Add 40g of water at 85 °C
  4. Let it bloom for 20 seconds
  5. Add another 160g of water
  6. Swirl for 10 seconds and put the cap on
  7. Revert the Aeropress at 1:40
  8. Plunge until 2:00
  9. Add 30g of water
rutger's recipe blog
rutger's recipe blog

Enjoy, Rutger

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