Sapucaí Valley from Coopervass

Sapucaí Valley from Coopervass on the edge of Mantiqueira


With more than 190 employees, Coopervass is the fifth largest agricultural cooperative in the South of Minas Gerais and it is among the 50 largest cooperatives in Minas Gerais based on Total Revenues. The network of this cooperative is wide and covers eight other cities across the region (Campanha, Heliodora, Jesuânia, Monsinhor Paulo, Natércia, Silvianópolis, Três Corações, and Turvolândia). 

Their head office is in São Gonçalo do Sapucaí and boasts an agricultural store, coffee warehouses, dairy industry, feed factory, and technical assistance centre. 

The story of Coopervass dates back to October 1960, when a group of 27 rural producers in São Gonçalo do Sapucaí decided to found an agricultural cooperative that could meet the needs of the time, mainly in coffee production and dairy farming. Led by the cooperative spirit, the group chased their dream, looking for new alternatives and subsidies to improve the efficiency and profitability of rural properties. Just as their ambitions were growing year after year, so did their credibility.

The COOPERVASS Coffee Department was created in 1972, but it only started to operate in 1997 after creating the first warehouse with a classification and tasting sector. The Coopervass Coffee Departement is directly linked to the Central de Cooperativas de Varginha – COCCAMIG. 



Sapucaí Valley is in reference to the cities west of the Mantiqueira Mountains. The bags carry an homage to the ocelot, a native wild cat of this area. Much like the ocelot’s unique pattern, Coopervass is definitely leaving its mark on the coffee business.  We are happy to see COOPERVASS considering traceability and transparency as essential values to grow balanced speciality coffee

The far-reaching and modern structure of the cooperative allows them to be highly professional and raise the standards. Their modern network includes agricultural stores, storage services with their own structure, dairy industry, feed factories, and a technical assistance centre, The credibility of Coopervass’ producers and the stability of their businesses are as steadfast as their history. 





We rely on our partners in Brazil, Coffee Leaf, who regularly visit the farmers. This allows us to understand the ecological interest of Coopervass in keeping their lands and water sources as clean as possible. Many families will minimize the use of chemical fertilizers to prevent pollution and avoid unnecessary costs. Their aim is to promote a more sustainable approach towards production, but also creating stability with long term relationships with buyers. The Coffee Quest is happy to collaborate and help to achieve their purposes.

In 2018, Coopervass celebrated its 58th anniversary. At the present time, the cooperative has three thousand members, earning the title of being one of the largest cooperatives in the south of Minas. 

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